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Way Down Jamaica Way, Episode 1: Prince Far I Exclusive

  Way Down Jamaica Way, Premiere Episode: Prince Far I Exclusive The premiere episode of Way Down Jamaica Way is currently in production and is expected to be aired this fall. Updates and clips will be periodically posted here, please follow the blog to keep up to date. Here is a video-vinyl-rip of Prince Far I 's classic singles, " Deck Of Cards " ( Joe Gibbs , 1975) and " Heavy Manners " ( Lightning Records , 1977), original mixes and versions.  The second video-vinyl-rip is "Natty Farmyard" which was released in 1975 by Studio One , along with Sound Dimension "Mean Dub," a version of the Mean Girl riddim. For more information on Michael James Williams , aka King Cry Cry aka Prince Far I , check out this unofficial website:       Selecta J-Cut Boom! Tune of the Day Also check out  Vinyl Encounters of the... Rewind! Vinyl Encounters of the... Rewind! CULTCHA Clash Outer National https://www.cultchaclash.c